Amy (Apprentice)

Introducing the one and only Amy, our delightful apprentice with a knack for bringing smiles and laughter to the tattoo studio! While she may be new to the world of tattoos, Amy is already showcasing her massive talent and unwavering dedication. With her quirky sense of humor, Amy knows just how to brighten up any room. From her witty one-liners to her hilarious tattoo ideas, she's always ready to bring a dose of laughter to the table. And even when she's trying her best, her attempts at being funny are nothing short of adorable. Before venturing into the world of tattoos, Amy was a master of numbers and calculations in the financial sector. Who would have thought that someone with such a serious background would find their true calling in the tattoo industry? But hey, life is full of surprises! But here's the thing about Amy – she doesn't just rely on her funny bone. Her dedication to learning the craft of tattooing is truly admirable. With every stroke of her tattoo machine, she puts her heart and soul into creating beautiful art on skin. Her passion shines through, even in the early stages of her apprenticeship. When she's not busy perfecting her tattooing skills, In addition to being a talented apprentice, Amy is also a loving wifey and an amazing mama to a little boy. Balancing her roles both in and out of the tattoo studio, she effortlessly spreads her love, warmth, and dedication to her family. When she's not busy honing her tattooing skills, you'll often find Amy cherishing precious moments with her little one. From playful adventures to heartfelt snuggles, she embraces the joys and challenges of motherhood with grace and a heart full of love. Being a wifey and a mama has only enhanced Amy's ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Her nurturing nature, combined with her natural talent for making people smile, creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our studio doors. So, whether she's creating incredible tattoo art or creating beautiful memories with her loved ones, Amy balances it all with her signature charm, love, and dedication. She's not just an apprentice, but a proud wifey and mama, spreading her light both in and out of the tattooing world. So, if you're looking for a tattoo experience filled with laughter, talent, and a dash of financial expertise (just for good measure), Amy is the apprentice you need. With her funny antics, growing tattooing skills, and a background that will keep you on your toes, she's ready to create memorable tattoo moments with you. Get ready to laugh, be amazed, and enjoy the journey with our lovely, hilarious Amy!