Zen - Junior artist

Zen! A few years ago, Zen made a bold career switch, bidding farewell to the world of paints and diving headfirst into the realm of ink. It all began when his best buddy strolled in one day, sporting a fresh tattoo and casually asked, 'How about spending your days chatting away, jamming to music, and creating art?' Without hesitation, Zen eagerly jumped on board, embarking on a journey that led him to his current artistic prowess. His background in academic figure painting, including a stint in Florence where he immersed himself in the Renaissance style, infuses his work with an exquisite touch. You can catch Zen's creative prowess at Okey Dokey on 13 St Mary's Street, where he sets up shop from noon onwards. Pay him a visit, and you'll be treated to lively conversations, groovy tunes, and the opportunity to collaborate on an awe-inspiring tattoo masterpiece. So, if you're seeking a tattoo experience that combines humor, skill, and a touch of artistic genius, Zen is your go-to artist. Make your way to Okey Dokey, where the magic happens, and let Zen transform your ideas into timeless inkButterfly Tattoo Design